Undated Carrogis 1750s and early 1760s

The sitters in the top row are:  left - Lydia de Bournonville, Comtesse de Beintheim, center - Marquise d'Armentières, right - Madame de la Tour. Bottom row:  left - Vicomtesse de Vaudreuil and right - Madame de Villaumont and madame Des Cours.

All are at the Musée Condé, Chantilly France. Photos by René Gabriel Ojéda that were enlarged by half by gogm.

In the more staid pre-Revolutionary 1700s coiffures grow taller, but dresses barely change. These images show Ladies wearing wide and thin pannier dresses and the bottom row shows more of the fronts of their dresses, especially the bottom right image. The three upper Ladies wear caps over their short coiffures; the coiffures on the bottom row of Ladies are higher. Two of the bottom ladies wear bows en échelle. Presumably some of the upper Ladies wear bows en échelle too. Two of the bottom Ladies wear long under-sleeves. Two (not the same two) wear floral headdresses instead of caps. The most informative image is the one to bottom right showing skirt and under-skirt decoration.

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