Portrait de Polissena Cristina d'Assia-Rheinfels, épouse de Carlo-Emmanuel III, with her children Vittorio Amedeo, future Amedeo III, and Eleonora Maria Teresa by Martin van Meytens and studio (auctioned)

Polissena's dress has a split bodice held together with clasps and jewel ropes that reveal her chemise, more 1600s than 1700s. Christie's auction notes have this description, "Portrait of Polissena d'Assia, Queen of Sardinia, (1706-1735), half-length, in an ochre and blue dress and ermine and velvet robe, embroidered with Savoia knots."

Keywords:  van Meytens, Polissena d'Assia, Princess, Queen, Savoia family, Italian, curly coiffure, hair jewelry, scoop neckline, chemise, modesty piece, elbow length puffed sleeves, under-sleeves, engageantes, vee waistline, brooch, clasps, robes

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