SUBALBUM:  Maria Amalia of Saxony, Queen of Spain

Maria Amalia was the daughter of Maria Josepha of Austria and absentee King Augustus III of Poland, the Catholic Wettins. She married the future Carlos III in 1738. According to Wikipedia she was different from her father. She disentangled Spain from Italy, “The right of succession to Naples and Sicily was reserved for her second son Prince Ferdinand of Naples and Sicily; Prince Ferdinand would stay in Italy while his parents were in Spain. In favor of that, Charles would abdicate on 6 October 1759, decreeing the final separation between the Spanish and Neapolitan crowns. Charles and his wife arrived in Barcelona on 7 October 1759.

In Spain her husband did much to improve the Spanish economy and helped give the country more of an identity. Maria Amalia once again did much to improve the royal residences having them redecorated. She, along with her husband, helped with the founding of the luxury porcelain factory under the name Real Fábrica del Buen Retiro.

In September 1760, a year after arriving in Madrid, Maria Amalia died from tuberculosis at the Buen Retiro Palace outside the capital. She was buried at the Royal Crypt in El Escorial. She was joined by her devoted husband in 1788.”

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