SUBALBUM:  Lady Anne Farquharson-MacKintosh

This is when calling styles "British" can be troublesome. Lady Anne sided with the Stuarts (Jacobites) who sought to wrest control of Britain from the Hanovers. According to her Wikipedia article, she was an excellent recruiter and tactician. She was captured after the 1745 Battle of Culloden that ended the Stuart uprising, but later pardoned. "She later met the Duke of Cumberland at a social event in London with her husband. He asked her to dance to a pro-Government tune and she returned the favour by asking him to dance to a Jacobite tune." The Duke of Cumberland, "Butcher Cumberland," was the victor at Culloden so the emotions running through Lady Anne's mind had to be spectacular.

Many troubles ensued after Culloden including the highland clearances. Tony Blair passed an act of "Devolution" where the Scots and Welsh were able to take back much of their old sovereignty because, to be somewhat polite, the ill-will never quite did subside. The union that existed and exists today is probably largely due to monarchs beginning with Queen Victoria who took Scotland and Scottish culture seriously. More recently, Prince Charles was invested as Prince of Wales at Caernarfon in Wales in 1969 and he spoke in Welsh.

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