SUBALBUM:  Augusta of Great Britain, later Duchess of Brunswick

Sister of King George III, she married Duke Karl II Wilhelm Ferdinand of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel in 1764. According to Wikipedia, "The marriage was purely an arranged political marriage and Augusta and Charles regarded each other with mutual indifference. Augusta was indifferent to Charles's affairs with Maria Antonia Branconi and Louise Hertefeld. Her indifference was sometimes seen as arrogance and it gave rise to rumour and slander. Augusta's popularity was severely damaged by the fact that her eldest sons were born with handicaps. She rarely showed herself at the court of Braunschweig because of the dominance of her mother-in-law.”

Her notoriously unhygienic daughter Caroline of Brunswick married George IV, and bore a daughter named Charlotte who died in childbirth. Charlotte's husband remarried and named his daughter Charlotte (Carlota).

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