Portrait of a Lady of the Fanshawe Family (thought to be Sarah Parkinson, mother of Mary Fanshawe, née Parkinson) by Joseph Highmore (Valence House Museum - Dagenham, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham UK)

From bbc.co.

This middele-age Lady is portrayed in a comfortably prosperous pose wearing a bodice that could be laced directly over her corset. Her dress has very wide sleeves. The signs of wealth are the lace, pearl band separating modesty piece from stomacher and earrings.

Keywords:  Highmore, Fanshawe family, British, straight coiffure, lace cap, ribboned cap, laced bodice, scoop neckline, modesty piece-bertha, lace, close sleeves, cuffs, engageantes, corset, earrings, jeweled bodice ornament, clasps, wrap

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