Mary Yeats by John Lewis (auctioned by Christie's)

Wikipedia’s article about Ashton House has some information about Mary Yeats - she died there at the age of 25 in the mid 18th century. According to, portraitist John Lewis was active between 1736 and 1776. There are so many 17th century vestiges that I believe this may have been one of his earlier commissions. The small hat is in keeping with the first half of the century.

From Wikimedia.

Mary Yeats by John Lewis (auctioned by Christie's) Wm

Mary Yeats’ dress is set off by her chemise that appears to provide a modesty piece, under-bodice, and substantial under-sleeves.

Keywords:  Lewis - John, Mary Yeats, Yeats family, British, straight coiffure, floral hat, chemise, modesty piece, under-bodice, elbow length full virago under-sleeves, jeweled arm bands, bows, arm bands, flared cuffs, laced bodice, quarter length close scalloped over-sleeves, vee waistline, peplum, full skirt

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