Marie Thérèse Blonel d’Haraucourt madame Phalaris by ? (location unknown to gogm)

The Web site has this about Mme. Phalaris, "Phalaris, Marie Therese Blonel d’Haracourt, Duchesse de – (1697 – 1782) French courtier and society figure Marie Therese Blonel d’Haracourt was originally abandoned by her husband, the Duc de Phalaris, who fled to Spain because of insurmountable debts, and the duchesse spent some time residing in a convent before being introduced into fashinable society in Paris. The duchesse succeeded Madame de Sabran as the mistress of Philippe II, Duc d’Orleans, Regent of France (1715 – 1723), who found her company diverting. He died in her arms, and though she survived him six decades, her liasion with Orleans was never forgotten, and caused her to be referred to in fashionable society as ‘Madame Jezebel.’ The Duchesse de Phalaris died aged eighty-five."

From the lost gallery's photostream on flickr.

Mme. Phalaris wears a transitional dress with a split bodice and cuffed and slashed full sleeves in this portrait.

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