Lady with a lap dog by Sebastiano Ceccarini (auctioned by Dorotheum)

It would be interesting to know who posed for this portrait that showcases upper class formal dress.

From; the shadows were filled in and then the work of fixing myriad wriggly flaws throughout much of the image began. The background is somewhat different due to large-scale removal of flaws using cloning to replace some flaws, painting over other flaws, and smudging. The dog lost a few whiskers and the gold lace of the cushion supporting the dog was mildly blurred.

Lady with a lap dog by  Sebastiano Ceccarini (auctioned by Dorotheum) From shadows

The subject wears a gold-embroidered dress with an open stomacher decorated with magnificent swags of jewels. Her engageantes are also magnificent. While hher coiffure suggests 1750s or even later, her cuffs suggest an earlier date.

Keywords:  Ceccarini, Italian, straight coiffure, chemise, lace modesty piece, square neckline, split bodice, three quarter length full sleeves, cuffs, lace engageantes, stomache, U-décolletage, vee waistline, panniers, train, jeweled neckline, jeweled bodice ornament, clasps, bracelets

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