Lady and girl by Sebastiano Ceccarini (location ?)

From The background was extensively spotted so many spots were removed and the left edge was fixed before blurring the background with Photoshop. Shadows were filled in and the exposure was slightly increased.

Lady and girl by Sebastiano Ceccarini (location ?) From despot shadows inc. exp

The woman’s dress has a swept back over-skirt and lavish lace engageantes and she wears magnificent bodice jewels and flowers. Girls are frequently dressed differently from women, but the girl here wears hair jewelry, curls, and a lace bertha like the woman.

Keywords:  Ceccarini, Italian, frizzy coiffure, hair hewelry, chemise, scoop neckline, bodice, lace modesty piece-bertha, elbow length full sleeves, lace forward-back flared engageantes, vee waistline, panniers, over-skirt, choker necklace, earrings, order bows, floral bodice ornament, draped jeweled bodice ornament, brooch, bracelets

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