Elizabeth Knight (d.1731 or 1737) by Jeremiah Davison (Chawton House Library - Chawton, Hampshire, UK)

Chawton House is associated with the Knight and Austen families, possibly a John Knight described tersely in thepeerage who was a prosperous Jamaican planter. The original caption says the portrayed Lady died in 1737, but both thepeerage and geni.com state that John Knight’s daughter Elizabeth died in 1731. The keywords are assigned assuming Elizabeth Knight is the one covered in thepeerage and geni.com.

From artuk.org.

Elizabeth Knight (d.1737)

Elizabeth Knight’s bodice has a pair of revers covering what may be her stays from which emerges the modesty piece from her chemise.

Keywords:  Davison, Elizabeth Knight, Elizabeth Onslow, Baroness Onslow, Knight family, Onslow family, Baroness, straight coiffure, jeweled floral headdress, chemise, mocesty piece, square décolletage, elbow length close under-sleeves, forward-back flared cuffs, bodice, revers, elbow length flared over-sleeves, cuffs, vee waistline, corset, bows, full skirt

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