Doña María de La Campa y Coss, Condesa de Santiago de Valparaíso by Andrés de Islas (location unknown to gogm)

This member of the new world Spanish aristocracy owned a large area in what is now Mexico City. Louis Ortiz from present day Mexico City made me aware of this and other portraits of Spanish-era Mexican aristocrats and that Spain created an aristocracy in the new world.


Countess María wears a robe à l'Anglaise with a serpentine lace flounce on her under-skirt as is fashionable in mid century. She carries a timepiece on her chatelaine.

Keywords:  de Islas, Countess, Spanish (Mexican), straight coiffure, square neckline, modesty piece, revers, lace, stomacher, three quarter length tight sleeves, bows, engageantes, basque waistline, over-skirt, under-skirt, flounces, neck band, girandole earrings, bracelets, chatelaine, fan, shoes

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