Dames en robe de cour by Charles-Germain de Saint-Aubin (Musée des Arts Decoratifs - Paris France)

From the museum's Web site. Caption for the left dress:  "Dame en robe de cour de présentation, avec panier garnie en échelle de Jacob." Caption for the right dress:  "Dame en robe de cour à la turque, garnie de satin zèbre."

The caption for the dress on left is something like panniers decorated with Facob's ladder while the caption for the right dress is something like Turkish-theme court dress with zebra-striped overlay. The left dress includes a small boa while the coiffure on the right looks like a fantasy set of deer antlers. These are set in the middle 1760s primarily based on coiffure and by the substantial engageantes. The higher coiffure of the right print shows it is probably from later in the 1760s than the dress to the left.

Keywords:  Saint-Aubin, French, curly coiffure, floral headdress, long straight coiffure, feathered turban, boa, square décolletage, choker, scarf, bateau neckline, modesty piece-bertha, bertha, revers, stomacher, elbow length close sleeves, forward-back flared engageantes, vee waistline, panniers, over-skirt, tassels, bows, flounces, under-skirt, maxi-length skirt, shoes, brooch, jeweled bodice ornament

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