Countess Anna Elisabeth Löwenhielm, née Kolthoff attributed to Jakob Björk (auctioned by Bukowskis)

Key events from in Countess Löwenheilm's life are:

June 8, 1711                            Born

August 25, 1730 - Age 19         Marriage of Anna Elisabet Kolthoff to Carl Gustaf Löwenhielm

1731 Age 19                          Birth of Catharina Löwenhielm

September 25, 1732 - Age 21    Birth of Carl Gustaf Löwenhielm

1734 - Age 22                          Birth of Olof Löwenhielm

1735 - Age 23                          Birth of Fredrik Löwenhielm

November 11, 1737 - Age 26     Birth of Anna Löwenhielm

November 27, 1737 - Age 26     Died    

From Bukowskis; this image has been substantially restored by repairing cracks, creases, and by removing spots throughout the image. A smaller version of the original image can be seen here. I had another version of the image than the one now available, apparently removed once the work was auctioned, but posting the older and larger version of the image here was delayed by the restoration.

Countess Löwenheilm was married in 1730 and this portrait could be that of a nineteen-year old Lady. It shows a coiffure style scarcely changed until 1760 and details of the lace and embroidery. She may be wearing a lace wrap.

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