ca. 1775 Duc de Choiseul, his mistress, the Comtesse de Brionne and the Abbé Barthélmy by Jacques Wilbaut (Getty Museum - Los Angeles, California USA)

A description of the comtesse de Brionne, Louise-Julie-Constance de Rohan, can be seen here. A genealogical sketch can be seen here.

From the Google Art Project; image made lighter by gogm.

The Countess wears an elaborate dress made mostly of plain materials. Her coiffure is neither curled nor built up and she wears no jewelry. Her hair and dress are reminiscent of 1755.

Keywords:  1775, Wilbaut, Louise-Julie-Constance de Rohan, comtesse de Brionne, Countess of Brionne, Rohan family, Lorraine-Brionne family, Countess, French, straight coiffure, cap, square neckline, neck band, bows, fichu, bows en échelle, elbow length close sleeves, engageantes, lace, robings, under-skirt, ruching

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