ca. 1760 Madame de Montesson by Guillaume Voiriot (Musée des Arts Décoratifs - Paris France)

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There is a Louis Carrogis portrait of Mme. de Montesson and other ladies here. Her Wikipedia article is here.

Photo - Melanie; a veiling reflection to the right was partially removed with Photoshop by gogm but the arm and bracelets were discolored. Image size doubled by gogm.

Madame Montesson is dressed casually - at home with hair streaming loosely down her shoulders. Yet she has a stomacher laden with striped bows, flaring lace engageantes, and décolletage under her house coat.

Keywords:  1760, Voiriot, Marquise, Duchess, French, Bourbon family, Orléans family, long straight coiffure, house coat, neck band, square décolletage, modesty piece, stomacher, bows, engageantes, lace, full skirt, bracelets

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