ca. 1740-45 Lady, thought to be the Hon. Anne, eldest daughter of Sir Jacob de Bouverie, 1st Viscount Folkestone by Bartholomew Dandridge (Lane Fine Art)

Her article in thepeerage is here.

The criss-crossed blue ribbon a white background could be interpreted as a series of St. Andrew's crosses. Bonnie Prince Charlie's rebel force headed south through England in 1745, ran out of steam, and retreated. It was effectively defeated at Culloden moor where wounded rebels became dead rebels at the hands of the Hanoverian forces. Patriotism could be extremely hazardous to a Jacobite's health.

Political issues aside, this is a gorgeous dress. The bottom of her vee waistline swallows up the crossed lace ribbons of her stomacher, but separate rever panels cannot be seen. She appears to wear a vest colored to match the crossed ribbons. The bottom of her neckline is created by her under-garment while the sides are created by lovely lace lapels. Her slashed sleeves end in white bows and lace engageantes.

Keywords:  Dandridge, Anne de Bouverie, de Bouverie family, Talbot family, British, long straight coiffure, floral ribbon headdress, square neckline, modesty piece, stomacher, bows, bodice, lapels, lace, three quarter length full sleeves, slashed sleeves, engageantes, vee waistline, vest, panniers

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