ca. 1727 Marguerite de Sève, Wife of Barthélemy-Jean-Claude Pupil by Nicolas de Largillière (Timken Museum of Art - San Diego, California USA)

The Site for the Château de Fléchères has this caption "This alcoved room was furnished around 1750 for the last direct descendant of the Sève family, Marguerite de Sève, Countess de Fléchères." The Château de Fléchères is located north of Villefranche sur Saône that is north of Lyon.

From Wikimedia.

The Timken Museum's notes include a note that she "wears a costume with an embossed and jeweled bodice that looks made of metal but may be silk mounted on molded buckram, a stiff material. The music she touches with her left hand and the words underneath it are for a drinking song of the kind that sophisticated women sang at an evening gathering at home." I call her outer garment a jacket, but it may also be part of court robes that extend behind her. But wearing robes to play a harpsichord?

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