Anne Germaine Larrivee de Vermenoux by Jean Étienne Liotard (auctioned by Sotheby's)

Sotheby's had this note about her with the portrait shown in this image, "The subject of this impressive portrait is Anne-Marie Larrivée, born in Sedan in 1739, who was orphaned at an early age and had a difficult childhood. She married a Parisian, Baron Paul Girardot de Vermenoux with whom she had a son, Louis-Auguste, born around 1757. A great beauty but always sickly, Mme de Vermenoux travelled to Geneva in 1758 to consult the well-known doctor Théodore Tronchin to whom she later gave, as a token of appreciation for her cure, a portrait of herself bending towards a bust of Aesculapius (next image), an extremely unusual allegorical work executed by Liotard in 1764 (see R. Loche and M. Roethlisberger, L' opera completa di Liotard, Milan 1978, no. 263, pl.L ). Mme de Vermenoux remained in Geneva until 1764 when she returned to Paris. Her husband died in 1765. For more information on her life, see Edouard de Callatay, Madame de Vermenoux une enchanteresse au Xviiie siècle, Paris 1956."

From Sotheby's; spots removed with Photoshop by gogm.

Anne Germaine Larrivee de Vermenoux by Jean Étienne Liotard (auctioned by Sotheby's)

Madame Anne dazzles in this dark fur-trimmed turquoise dress with white engageantes and, probably, a white bertha or modesty piece. Her satin and lace neck band appears to be adorned by a brooch.

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