1774(?) Mme de Fougeret, née Charlotte d'Outremont by Élisabeth Louise Vigée-Lebrun (location unknown to gogm)

Batguano has this brief biographic sketch, "Charlotte d'Outremont, daughter of a Conseiller au Grand Conseil, who in 1770 married Jean de Fougeret (guillotined 1794), receveur general des Finances du comte de Bourgogne. Owners of Chateau-Renard (Loiret) they had three daughters; one of them, comtesse Angelique de Maussion (1772-1851), wrote Rescapes de Thermidor. The sitter was identified based on an engraving of Mme de Fougeret. After the Terror, she turned to charity work, and had an engraving made to represent her in publications. The Vigee Le Brun portrait (made more than 20 years earlier) was used as the model for the face in the engraving."

From batguano; the image was saved to a width of four-inches (10 cm).

Madame de Fougeret is dressed with a fichu over a square neckline and a wide coiffure with large curls more appropriate to the 1780s than 1770s in this Vigée-Lebrun portrait.

Keywords:  Vigée-Lebrun, Charlotte d'Outremont, d'Outremont family, de Fougeret family, French, curly coiffure, floral ribbon headdress, fichu, square neckline, bertha, lace, close sleeves, wrap

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