1774 Le Bal Paré by Antoine-Jean Duclos (French, Paris, 1742–1795) Etching after Augustin de Saint-Aubin (Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City, New York USA) right group

One Lady is wearing a hat while another has a coiffure with a mass of hair turned back over a jeweled headdress.

Keywords:  1774, Duclos, de Saint-Aubin, straight coiffure, high straight coiffure, floral headdress, jeweled headdress, floral hat, square neckline, revers, stomacher, bows en échelle, bows, elbow length tight sleeves, engageantes, bows, lace, over-skirt, under-skirt, robe à la française, polonaise, maxi-length skirt, floral bodice ornament, necklace, earrings, shoes

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