1773 D. Maria Francisca Benedita, Princesa da Beira e do Brasil by Miguel António do Amaral (Hermitage)

Her Wikipedia article is here. She married another Bragança.

From Wikimedia.

French fashion has invaded Germany, it has invaded Austria, and Russia, and here it has invaded Portugal in this 1773 portrait of Infanta Maria Francisca Benedita.

Keywords:  1773, do Amaral, Princes, Crown Princess, Bragança family, Portuguese, long straight coiffure, jeweled floral headdress, off shoulder scoop neckline, modesty piece-bertha, elbow length close sleeves, fur, forward-back flared engageantes, lace, girdle, vee neckline, panniers, maxi length skirt, shoesjeweled bodice ornament, bracelets, fan

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