1770s Princess Sofia Albertina of Sweden, sister of King Gustav III by Gustaf Lundberg (auctioned by Uppsala Auktionskammare)

Her Wikipedia article begins, "Princess Sophia Albertina of Sweden (full name: Sophia Maria Lovisa Fredrika Albertina; 8 October 1753 – 17 March 1829) was the last Princess-Abbess of Quedlinburg Abbey and as such reigned as vassal monarch of the Holy Roman Empire."

The height of Sofia Albertina's coiffure makes this look early- to middle-1770s. Her dress has the customary square neckline and bows en échelle.

Keywords:  Lundberg, Princess-Abbess Sofia Albertina, Vasa family, Princess, Princess-Abbess, German, high coiffure, cap, straps, bows, square neckline, bows en échelle, wrap, lace

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