1764 Mary, Countess of Howe by Thomas Gainsborough (Kenwood House - Hampstead, London United Kingdom)

According to Olga's Gallery, "Mary, Countess Howe, nee Hartopp (1732-1800), the wife of an important naval officer." From what I can gather, it was his younger brother that had some trouble in the colonies.

Countess Howe's open-robe gown is lovely with big lace engageantes complemented by a delicate lace apron in this 1764 Gainsborough portrait. Revers mark off her stomacher, but the her stomacher cannot be made out. The lace band that looks like an order sash is actually part of a criss-cross scarf that encloses much of her bodice and extends up to her  necklaces. Her face is framed by a choker of pearls below and a hat above.

Keywords:  1764, Gainsborough, Countess, straight coiffure, hat, bows, square neckline, stomacher, scarf, lace, three quarter length tight sleeves, engageantes, vee waistline, full skirt, under-skirt, maxi-skirt, ruching, apron, choker necklace, earrings, arm bands, shoes

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