1763 Louise-Anne-Madeleine de Vernon, marquise de Ségur (épouse en 1749 de Philippe-Henri, marquis de Ségur, Maréchal de France et Ministre de la Guerre) (1729-1778) by Louis Carrogis (Musée du Louvre - Paris France)

The sitter is Louise Anne Madeleine de Vernon. Her husband's Wikipedia article is here.

Size increased by half by gogm.

Carrogis shows French formal style as worn by the Marquise de Ségur with engageantes, ruching, and flounces in this 1763 drawing. Her dress may have a high neckline, a hood, and under-sleeves.

Keywords:  1763, Carrogis, Marquise de Ségur, de Vernon family, de Ségur family, Marquise, French, curly coiffure, hat, revers, elbow length close sleeves, engageantes, bows, over-skirt, ruching, under-skirt, ruffles, shoes

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