1763 Agnese Anhalt-Dessau, Baroness of Loen by Christian Friedrich Reinhold Lisiewski (location unknown to gogm)

Loen is located in Norway. Two avalanches into nearby Lake Lovatnet created tall waves that devastated the area in the twentieth century. This phenomenon was witnessed by a father and son on a fishing boat who survived a similar event in Lituya Bay in Alaska, the wave being about 520 meters (about 1700 ft.) high. Norway witnessed a bigger one around 6100 BCE caused by slumping of continental shelf material deeper into the Norwegian Sea by Møre og Romsdal, Norway.

Norway became independent in 1905 after being part of either Sweden or Denmark, depending on the date. Norway was part of Denmark between 1521 and 1814, potentially explaining the colors of order sash and star. Norway was Danish backwater so it is possible that Baroness Agnes way portrayed while in northern Europe where Lisiewski was active.

High coiffures have not yet inundated Norway in 1763 as Baroness Agnes wears a lace wrap and French-style dress for her Lisiewski portrait.

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