1762 (after) Maria Anna von der Wahl (1736-1808), widow of Joseph Wilhelm of Fürstenberg by ? (Schloß Heiligenberg - Heiligenberg, Germany)

This is what I found out about her in Wikipedia, "On 2 February 1716, Joseph Wilhelm Ernst was raised to princely status. He married in 1723 to the Countess (Gräfin) Maria Anna von Waldstein und Wartenberg (22 February 1707 – 12 November 1756). After her death in 1756, he married in 1761 to Maria Anna Countess (Gräfin) von der Wahl (born 22 September 1736  – 21 March 1808). He died in Vienna, 29 April 1762."

From Wikimedia; the background was heavily damaged so it was replaced using Photoshop by gogm.

This is a good example of an "open robe" with bows en échelle.

Keywords:  Maria Anna von der Wahl, von der Wahl family, Fürstenberg family, Countess, Princess, German, straight coiffure, ribbon headdress, square neckline, modesty piece, lace, three quarter length close sleeves, bows, engageantes, revers, ruching, stomacher, bows en échelle, lace neck band, earrings

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