1761 Susannah Trevelyan by Thomas Gainsborough and over-painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds (Wallington Hall - Northumberland) Photo - Nicky Grimaldi

Nicky Grimaldi, senior lecturer in conservation and fine art at Northumbria University, found that Gainsborough started this and completed it, with a different dress in ultramarine. The owner was offended when the original was dismissed as a "hat and ruffles" portrait. The owner brought in Reynolds who redid up to 80% of the original, making it a clone of the Charlotte Walpole portrait in the process.

Susannah Trevelyan's article in thepeerage is here.

From northeast.greatbritishlife.co.uk/article/gainsborough-painting-hides-secret-at-wallington-hall-northumberland.

Gold and white are adaptable colors. This portrait shows Lady Trevelyan wearing an identical dress to Charlotte Walpole, but with a less formidable coiffure.

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