1761 Lady, said to be the Countess of Aberdeen by John Alexander (Haddo House - Methlick, Aberdeenshire, UK)

According to her husband’s Wikipedia article, "Lord Aberdeen married Catherine Elizabeth Hanson (ca 1730-March 1817 Rudding Park House), daughter of Oswald Hanson, in 1759; they had six children. According to recent sources, she was the cook at the Stafford Arms in Wakefield, and a handsome woman of 29. She apparently blackmailed him into marriage with a loaded pistol after he had seduced her.”

From artuk.org. The original has a strong yellow tint so I purple shifted the original, reduced the temperature, and increased exposure to make the dress appear as white as possible.

Portrait of a Lady

Countess Aberdeen wears her hair very short. She is wearing a sacque back dress with bows en échelle.

Keywords:  1761, Alexander, Catherine Elizabeth Hanson, Countess of Aberdeen, Gordon family, Countess, British, straight coiffure, hair jewelry. earrings, choker necklace, bows, chemise, trapezoidal neckline, sacque back bodice, robings, three quarter length tight sleeves, ruched arm bands, lace engageantes, bracelets, stomacher, bows en échelle, full skirt

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