1761 Lady Elizabeth Keppel by Sir Joshua Reynolds (Woburn Abbey - Woburn, Bedfordshire, UK)

Her article in thepeerage is here. Another portrait of her, next image, is in Tavistock Town Hall. The Town Hall Web site has this about her, "In the summer of 1764 Horace Walpole wrote:”Lord Tavistock has flung his handkerchief, and except for a few jealous sultans and some ‘sultanas valides’ who had marketable daughters everybody is pleased that the lot has fallen on Lady Elizabeth Keppel”. Francis, the Marquess of Tavistock, son and heir of the Fourth Duke of Bedford, was then twenty-five years old. Lady Elizabeth, the daughter of the Duke of Albemarle, was the same age. The marriage was hastily organized, since, according to Walpole, 'The Duke has not a moment’s patience till she is breeding.' The ceremony was held at Woburn Abbey on June 8th 1764. It was a love-match. The young couple doted on each other and could scarcely bear to be apart. The old Duke’s hopes were fulfilled, and three sons appeared within three years. But when the Marchioness was carrying the third, tragedy struck. In March 1767 the Marquess, chasing a stag, fell from his horse and fractured his skull. He died two weeks later. The young widow was unconsolable. She bore her third son and then gave up the will to live. Her doctors advised a holiday in Portugal. She died in Lisbon of consumption or a broken heart , a few days before her twenty-ninth birthday. Her two eldest sons, Francis and John, were to become the Fifth and Sixth Dukes of Bedford."

From WikiArt.

1761 Lady Elizabeth Keppel by Sir Joshua Reynolds (Woburn Abbey - Woburn, Bedfordshire, UK) From WikiArt

Lady Elizabeth's dress has a full set of forward- and back-flared engageantes, but no panniers in this 1761 Gainsborough portrait.

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