1759-1760 Charlotte, Lady Maynard (c.1731-1762), née Bishopp by Sir Joshua Reynolds (Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow - Glasgow UK)

Her article in thepeerage is here. She married the fourth Baronet Maynard of Walthamstow, Sir William Maynard. She bore one child, Charles, who became the fifth Baronet.

From bbc.co; image lightened to bring out details.

Where have I seen this before? Not Lady Maynard, but her dress. The answer may well be "No, I have not sen this before." But this style of "casual" dress with a criss-cross bodice, waistline marked by a waist band of some sort, and a close skirt will be seen - repeatedly, such as in portraits of Maria Walpole and the Duchess of Devonshire.

Keywords:  1759, Reynolds, Charlotte Maynard, Bishopp family, Maynard family, British, straight coiffure, hair jewelry, trapezoidal neckline, modesty piece, criss-cross bodice, vee neckline, waist band, close skirt, coat, fur, long tight sleeves, cuffs, necklace

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