1753-1755 Madame Pierre de Rigaud de Vaudreuil, née Jeanne-Charlotte de Fleury Deschambault by ? (location unknown to gogm)

I was curious about finding such a well-dressed aristocratic Lady in Candian government archives, but her biography reveals why. Her husband, Canadian-born Pierre de Rigaud de Vaudreuil, was the last Governor of New France, now Canada, after serving as Governor of Louisiana. He did not get along with General Montcalm, sent to help defend New France from British attack. Montcalm looked down upon the local militia and native-Americans and the proceeded to loose New France to the British. All I can guess is, had the two worked better together and the French used the native-American and local militias better, many of us would not be here today because people would have seen their lives disrupted in different ways by a completely different world history and, as a result, mated with different people to produce different offspring for many, many generations.

France, like Spain, created a new world aristocracy. There is genealogical sketch of her husband and her here. She was Pierre's second wife.

From collectionscanada.gc.ca/.

It is possible that Mme. Jeanne Charlotte wanted to show the colonials could dress as well as the mainlanders. Her dress is made with blue and gold brocade with revers and upper engageantes of gold lace, She wears a white lace cap with a veil or lappets held by a black lace strap.

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