1752 Juliana Penn (née Fermor), wife of Thomas Penn made on the occasion of their marriage (Philadelphia Museum of Art - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA)

Juliana Fermor's article in thepeerage is here. Her article is above Thomas Penn's article. Thomas' father, William, founded the Province of Pennsylvania. According to William Penn's Wikipedia article, "Penn first called the area 'New Wales,' then 'Sylvania' (Latin for 'forests' or 'woods'), which King Charles II changed to 'Pennsylvania' in honor of the elder Penn." In 1682, William Penn established the provincial capital at Philadelphia, where this portrait is located. According to his Stanford University genealogical sketch, Thomas' Anglican marriage to Juliana marked his break with his father's Puritanism.

From Wikimedia.

Lady Juliana's dress has a quilted middle skirt beneath a white satin over-skirt, both distended by waffle-like panniers, The stomacher opening and broad revers suggest she wears a robe à la française. She wears a fichu-like scarf as well as a sheer over-skirt.

Keywords:  1752, Devis, Juliana Fermor, Juliana Penn, Fermor family, Penn family, British, straight coiffure, cap, high neckline, scarf, stomacher, revers, trapezoidal neckline, long close sleeves, cuffs, engageantes, vee waistline, panniers, quilted middle skirt

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