1750s (late) - 1760s Countess Wilhelmina Solms by Jean Samsois (private collection)

A biographical outline for her is here. There is a brief article about her in thepeerage. Her son Emich married Viktoria von Sachsen-Saalfeld-Coburg and had a daughter named Feodora. Viktoria then married King George III's son Edward, Duke of Kent, and had a daughter Alexandrina Victoria.

Photo -  shakko. From Wikimedia.

Countess Wilhelmina wears appropriate late 1850s or early 1860s coiffure with a striped veil and a fur-trimmed bodice in this Samsois portrait.

Keywords:  Samsois, Wilhelmine von Solms, von Solms family, von Leiningen family, Countess, German, long straight coiffure, hair jewelry, veil, chemise, lace, trapezoidal neckline, over-bodice, criss-cross bodice, vee neckline, fur, full quarter length notched over-sleeves, long tight under-sleeves, cuffs, jeweled neck band

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