1745 Mantua dress for court

Yikes! It makes the woman look like the handle of a box you might get at a store.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art had this note for another dress about the robe à la française style seen here, "Gowns in the eighteenth century were supported by rounded side hoops of different extension and depth. A wider dress would have been narrower in profile. In the instance of a gown of less width, the depth of the hoops and the robe à la française construction would have consumed as much fabric as the planar version. In both instances, a woman so garbed had to pass sideways through a doorway. This gown has an ingenious drawstring arrangement at the sides that adjusts either to fit over a small pannier, or, when fully released, to accommodate one about four feet across, creating the illusion of a tiny waist."

Keywords:  1745, trapezoidal neckline, stomacher, shallow vee neckline, revers, three quarter length close sleves, engageantes, lace, panniers

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