1745 (before) Caroline Darcy, Countess of Ancram by Enoch Seeman (auctioned by Christie's)

There is a Wikipedia article for her husband here. They had one son and two daughters.

Lothian (Lowden) forms the south jaw of the Firth of Forth and contains Edinburgh. Enoch Seeman's Wikipedia article is here.

From Wikimedia; enlarged by one quarter by gogm.

Countess Ancram's dress looks similar to a French farthingale from a century-and-a-half earlier and the bodice is conspicuously jeweled, ending in a jeweled girdle in this Seeman portrait.

Keywords:  Seeman, Countess, British, long curly coiffure, jeweled headdress, scoop décolletage, bertha, epaulettes, elbow length close sleeves, forward-back flared engageantes, lace, girdle, vee waistline, panniers, over-skirt, mantua, jeweled bodice ornament, shoes

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