1741 Françoise d’Escravayat, Marquise de la Barrière, as Flora by Nicolas de Largillière (sold by Stair Sainty)

Stair Sainty has this note about the portrait, "Signed: Inscribed (probably by the artist) on the reverse: peint par Largillère en 1741 à l’âge de 84 ans en huit mois." If this estimate is correct, this may be the last appearance of a leather half bodice. There is a biographical sketch of her husband here and also at Stair Sainty Gallery's page for this portrait.

One sign that this is not a turn-of-the-century portrait is the absence of fripon curls on the forehead over the eyes. Her external corset closely resembles that worn by the Marquise de Gueydan. I don't find much about these bodices in fashion history texts. Unlike Marquise de Gueydana's gown, this bodice has some material matching her robe to cover much of her chemise.

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