1740s Adrienne-Marie-Madeleine Ulphe de Hallencourt Dromesnil, marquise de Boulainvilliers (?) by ? (Musée des Augustins - Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées, France)

If she is the person identified, then she is the daughter of Suzanne Marie Henriette de Boulainvilliers seen in the last image. Adrienne-Marie-Madeleine Ulphe de Hallencourt Dromesnil’s genealogical sketch is here.

From vivelareine.tumblr.com/post/86747954644 via pinterest.com/pin/490892428109072031/.

1740s Possibly Adrienne-Marie-Madeleine Ulphe de Hallencourt Dromesnil (1725-1781), marquise de Boulainvilliers by ? (Musée des Augustins - Toulouse) From vivelareine.tumblr.com/post/86747954644 via pinterest.com/pin/490892428109072031/.jpg

The marquise is dressed as a shepherdess, in silk or satin adorned with numerous ribbons, in this portrait. Her hair is fashionably short. She carries a blue purse, more like a hand bag. Her dress lacks mechanical support. The emphasis on décolletage suggests this is an advertising portrait.

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