1740-1741 Lady in a Drawing Room by Arthur Devis (Yale Center for British Art - New Haven, Connecticut USA)

Arthur Devis painted numerous group portraits in later years showing sitters in casual as well as formal dress. The movie Escape from Los Angeles implies pre-technology would be wonderful, but look at how dimly lit the interior is. Some electricity is a blessing.

This Lady's dress appears to be a robe à l'anglaise with a split bodice. Puffed sleeves from the last century are subsiding into mere full sleeves with cuffs characteristic of the first half of the century. The cuffs would flip into downward-facing cones and engageantes. Her skirt is not modified by wide panniers.

Keywords:  1740, Devis, British, straight coiffure, hat, square neckline, split bodice, bows, elbow length full sleeves, bows, cuffs, vee waistline, full skirt

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