1731 Lady by John Vanderbank (Philip Mould)

While the Lady is not Margaret Oxenden, her hat, the dress, and the jewels are similar to those in the Hudson and Wright portraits of Lady Oxnden. The artist died in 1739 and the date 1731 is visible. Maybe this set a pattern that Lady Oxenden was following.  There were, according to Google, Margaret Oxendens both before and after the early and middle 1700s when Hudson and Wright portrayed a Margaret Oxenden.

Detail-enhanced by gogm by brightening the image. 

Keywords:  1731, Vanderbank, long straight coiffure, feathered hat, hair jewelry, hat pin, scoop decolletage, modesty piece, neck ruff, long full sleeves, cuffs, basque waistline, full skirt, over-skirt, draped necklace

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