1729 Charlotte-Amalie of Danemark, King Frederik's IV daughter by ? (location unknown to gogm)

Charlotte-Amelie of Denmark stands in front of her father's (King Frederik IV's) bust in this 1729 portrait. She has a striking resemblance to her mother Louise of Mecklenburg-Gostrow. Her Wikipedia article is here.

The sleeves are getting snugger around the arms. She wears a bodice with scooped neckline. Marquise.de describes this as a "robe allemande." The robe allemande has these characteristics:

•  Long, wide sleeves are folded up at one point and fixed with a piece of jewelry at the crook of the arm. Chemise sleeves peek out underneath. There are similarities with the sleeves of late 17th century casual dress.

•  Square neckline and sleeve cuffs. Both this dress and the one above have quare necklines, much like those of a manteau. In this case, the sleeves look exactly like those found on contemporary Françaises and Anglaises. 

•  Engageantes and pearls on the waistline. Lace engageantes hang down from the elbow in addition to the lace sleeves. The pearls along the waistline are reminiscent of Elizabethan times.

•  Slitted front. In some cases the bodice opens down the front to reveal either a kind of stomacher or the top of the stays. The width of the opening varies from a mere slit to a wide gap, the length from a few cm to almost down to the waistline. Sometimes the gap is held together by lacing, or at least pretends to be.

•  Wrapped front. Some of the wrapped-front styles appear quite loose-fitting and casual, as if it really was a wrapping gown. Only a clearly visible waistline betrays the fact that we are apparently dealing with a top fabric cleverly draped onto a stiff base.

Keywords:  1729, Charlotte-Amelie of Denmark (1706-1782), long curly coiffure, jeweled headdress, hair jewelry, scoop neckline, modesty piece, elbow length close sleeves, engageantes, vee waistline, girdle, panniers, jeweled bodice ornament, robes

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