ca. 1725 Queen Sophie-Magdalene of Denmark, née Brandenburg-Kulmbach by J. S. du Wahl (Rosenborg Slot)

I believe Mary Glucksberg, nee Donaldson of Hobart Tasmania, could advise a would-be Queen of Denmark to learn Danish. Sophie-Magdalene of Denmark didn’t and, besides, she brought advisers with her who were given court positions instead of Danes. She was predictably not popular. She was interested in fashion, luxury, and pomp. Her Wikipedia article is here.

While I cannot locate background information for J. S. du Wahl, he painted numerous Danish royal portraits.

This du Wahl portrait of Queen Sophie-Magdalene of Denmark from about 1725 shows court dress in the 1720s. Her hair trails behind in pearl braided sausages. She wears various jewels in her hair off to one side. Her sleeves have a vee notch with a jeweled clasp in the apex of the notch and puffed rolls of material, probably from her chemise, billowing out below with evidence of lace engageantes. Her dress has a scoop neckline fringes by a modesty piece, again probably part of her chemise. Her dress has a vee waistline announced by a jeweled girdle. While order bows, like the one she wears to the right, are accepted parts of royal dress today, they were something of a rarity in 1725.

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