1720 L'Enseigne de Gersaint by Antoine Watteau (Schloß Charlottenburg, Berlin Germany)


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It shows a portrait of Le Roi Soleil and Watteau's own works being bundled away in 1720. Louis XIV fashion has been forgotten by all - the styles are what most people associate with the 1700s for both genders. The woman to the left wears a robe à la Française with its saque back while the woman seated to the right may be using panniers to support her skirt and the woman furthest right wears sleeves with engageantes.

According to DirJournal, "The new era in headdresses began in 1713, at a ceremonial reception at Versailles, when a Duchess of Shrewsbury appeared before Louis XIV without a fontage with the smooth and slightly curly hair decorated with lace and flowers. Louis liked that, and since he was the leader of European fashion at that time it was a command for the court to follow this new trend in hairstyles. This seeming simplicity became a major fashion tendency of (the) Rococo century."

Keywords:  1720, Watteau, short coiffure, cap, hat, square neckline, three quarter length sleeves, engageantes, coat, elbow length sleeves, panniers, robe à la Française

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