Spanish noble woman by ? (location ?)

Fromñola/; enlarged by hals and veiling reflection on the right side of the image was partially removed with Photoshop. Also posted to the Iberian Dress in the Louis XIII and XIV Eras Album here.

Spanish noble woman by ? (location ?) From or:decadencia-española: X 1.5

This is generic late-century Spanish upper-class dress with straight coiffure drooped to one side, long wavy falls of hair, a very low straight neckline edged with a bertha, flaring panels of decoration of the bodice, lower-puffed sleeves with lace cuffs, a somewhat full skirt, and luxurious material.

Keywords:  Spanish, long straight coiffure, feathered headdress, fitted bodice, off shoulder straight neckline, lace bertha, brooch, elbow length tight upper sleeves, long puffed lower sleeves, lace back-flared cuffs, sleeve ornament, bracelets, full skirt, folding feather fan

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