Queen of Norway card by W. & D. Downey

Upgrade image posted 29 November 2016 from costumehistory.tumblr.com/post/60167016380/irenesroyalphotoblog-queen-maud-of-norway-on; removed spots with Photoshop, removed monocolor tint, and enlarged by half. Also posted to Queen Maud of Noway’s Subalbum here.

Queen of Norway card by W. & D. Downey From costumehistory.tumblr.com:post:60167016380:irenesroyalphotoblog-queen-maud-of-norway-on despot detint X 1.5

Maud wears a dress with a sweetheart neckline emphasized by her modesty piece and a blouson bodice emphasizing her shallow-vee neckline.

Keywords:  W. & D. Downey, Queen Maud, Dronning Maud av Norge, Welf family, Wettin family, Glucksberg family, Princess, Queen, Norwegian, bouffant coiffure, sweetheart neckline, modesty piece, elbow length close sleeves, engageantes, stomacher, blouson bodice, shallow-vee waistline, close skirt, choker necklace, necklace, bracelets, fan, wrap

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