Maria Luisa de Orleans by ? (location ?)

From; removed larger spots with Photoshop and doubled size. Also posted to her Subalbum here.

Maria Luisa de Orleans by ? (location ?) From  removed larger spots X 2

María Luisa's dress has a straight off shoulder neckline with a pleated modesty piece and lace bertha.

Keywords:  María Luisa de OrleansMarie-Louise d'Orléans, Mademoiselle d'Orléans, Mademoiselle, reina de España, Nápoles, Sicilia, Cerdeña, duquesa de Milán, duquesa, titular consorte de Borgoña, soberana de los Países Bajos, Orléans family, Habsburg family, Queen, Spanish, long straight coiffure, hair jewelry, earrings, jeweled fitted bodice, off shoulder straight neckline, pleated modesty piece, lace bertha, brooch, quarter length full upper sleeves, jeweled buttons, contrasting cuffs

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