Infanta Maria Teresa by Juan Carreño de Miranda (location unknown to gogm)

Upgrade image from Wikimedia posted 15 November 2018; size doubled. Also posted to Infanta Maria Teresa, later reine de France’s Subalbum here.

Infanta Maria Teresa (1638-1683, future Queen of France) by Juan Carreño de Miranda Wm X 2

Maria Teresa's dress is not strictly a saya, although the guardainfante influence persists. Her dress has no (visible) ruff or hanging sleeves, even as vestigial parts. Her skirt is very expansive, even in the front, suggesting mechanical support while her puffed sleeves are about as puffed as they could be without exploding. Her cuffs appear to be wide cones white lace under reddish ornaments contained inside the cones. She wears five circular brooches on her bodice instead of the customary single circular brooch.

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