Elizabeth Grey by Paulus van Somer (Tate Collection - London, UK)

From Wikimedia; removed tears-in-canvas flaws throughout image and spots in background with Photoshop. Neither increasing exposure nor filling in shadows resolved details in the black areas. Also posted to The Late Farthingale Era - 1590 - 1620 Album here.

Elizabeth Grey by Paulus van Somer (Tate Collection - London, UK) Wm deflaw entire image despot background

The background is different, but the dress and cleavage are the same as in the last image.

Keywords:  van Somer, Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kent, Talbot family, Grey family, Countess, British, frizzy coiffure, feathered headdress, earrings, lace-edged floating ruff, scoop décolletage, lace-edged modesty piece-bertha, brooch, rosettes, draped jeweled bodice ornament, three quarter length full sleeves, lace-edged back-flared cuffs, bracelets, vee waistline, full skirt, fan

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