Doña Isabel Rosa de Ayala by ? (location ?)

According to her genealogical sketch, she was half sister of Ines de Zuñiga, condesa de Monterrey.


Doña Isabel Rosa de Ayala by ? (location ?) From

Marquesa Isabel wears a tontillo with very puffed lower sleeves in this poorly preserved portrait.

Keywords:  Isabel Rosa de Ayala Toledo y Faxardo, X Marquesa de la Mota, de Ayala Toledo y Faxardo family, de Zúñiga y Ayala family, Marquise, Spanish, straight coiffure, earrings, necklace, fitted bodice, bertha, bodice ornament, elbow length tight upper sleeves, long puffed lower sleeves, lace back-flared cuffs, bracelets, stomacher, tontillo

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