ca. 1900 Beauchez transformable evening gown with two bodices

From!7/beauchez-transformable-evening-gown-with-two-bodices-circa-1900. Also posted to the comtesse de Greffulhe’s Subalbum here.

ca. 1900 Beauchez transformable evening gown with two bodices From!7/beauchez-transformable-evening-gown-with-two-bodices-circa-1900

This is the Google translation of this description, “Silk blue night velvet of and brown mechanical lace, chiffon and unbleached tulle, embroidered with pearls and sequins.”

The waist is concealed in darknes. This magnificent dress is built on a lace foundation with a dark coarse-featured lace laid on top. The flared cuffs are of sheer dark lace. Sequins and pearls add glimmer and shimmer. She was noticed whenever she wore this dress.

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